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Email Marketing Tips

If you've been marketing to education for years, the chances are that you learnt these lessons some time ago! But if you're relatively new to the industry then you might find the following tips useful.



Be honest and clear. Direct email marketing can offend if not done with honesty and professionalism. Remember that is is a legal requirement to make sure your email subject is not misleading, to include your contact details and, most importantly, to include a method of unsubscribing from future emails.

Use a bulk mail service or software. You should not attempt to perform your own mailing for more than a few dozen email addresses. For more than this, you should use a dedicated bulk mailing program. These are very cost effective and will prove extremely useful to you in the long run. E.g. NewZapp

Keep your mailshot message simple. If the customer doesn't immediately see how your product can help them, there is little chance they will read-on.

Have a clear "call-to-action". Once you've got your customer's attention, ensure that they can immediately understand how to contact you to take the next step.

Keep options to a minimum. Only include options if you really need to. The more decisions the customer has to make, the less likely they will follow through to order.

Special offers work. Everybody loves getting a bargain. If discounting isn't right for your brand, consider adding value in other ways for orders received before a deadline (e.g. "free telephone support" can be a significant added value.)

Offer an approval period/money back . The approval period is an institution in the education industry, particularly state schools. From a supplier's perspective, the most effective way of doing this is to invoice as normal with the order, and credit note if the school asks for a refund within 30 days.

>> Take online payments with a company like Paypal.